General Exercises on Grammar& Vocabulary of English World 6
Units 1-3

A. Underline the correct words in brackets:
1. A geyser is a kind of hot (autumn – spring – winter – summer).
2. Ali is (rode – ride – rides – riding) horses with his brother next week.
3. If you don’t know a word, open a (plate – dish – dictionary – cave) to know
its meaning.
4. She couldn’t carry this box (in – at – on – of) her own.
5. My uncle (isn’t coming – doesn’t come – didn’t come – not come) to us
6. My grandmother has got three (cockatoo – cockatoos – piano – flamingo)
at home.
7. What are they (did – do – does – doing) next weekend?
8. She climbed to the (tap – top – tape – bottom) of the mountain yesterday.
9. My cousins (leave – leaves – left – are leaving) the house tomorrow
10.When a volcano (sings – erupts – feeds – draws) be careful and go away
from it.
11.A (watch – calculator – generator – cooker) is a machine that makes
12.The wheel that is turned by flow of water of a river is called (water clock –
water wheel – water mark – windmill).
13.Samar said she (visit – visits – visited – visiting) her friends.
14.Sheriff said that he (is – was – has – are) thirsty.
15.When the sun (goes – sleeps – feeds – shouts) down, it is time to rest.
16.A (geyser – turbine – calculator – face) is a machine that turned by air or
water to make electricity.
17.That plan is (scared – sacred - secret – scored). Don’t tell anyone about it.
18.She said we (can – will – could – shall) win the race.
19.Noha and Karima said that they (write – writes – wrote – writing) poems.
20.We can’t go there by car because the road is (fine – smooth – rocky – hairy)
21.Did he (plant – gasp – flow – promise) you not to go near the fire.
22.My friends went for a walk upstream after they (fish – fishes – had fished –
23.“Shudder” means to make a small movement of (horror – joy – happy –
24.The little children ran back to uncle Ted when the man (leaves – leave –
leaving – had left).
25.After Mary and John had seen the dead fish, they (know – knows – knowing
– knew) something was wrong.
26.The men used the building as a factory after they hd (buy – buys – buying –
bought) it.
27.The land which is beside a stream of water or a river is called a (mall –
barber – bank – binoculars).
28.When I was in the party, I didn’t (pump – bump – bomb-plumb) into
29.Miss Maha said, “I don’t (gap – closer – know – no) about that.
30.These bad boys have had (temporary – tempers – tempest – shudder)
B. Rewrite the following sentences using the words in brackets:
1. She is spending her weekend in Aswan next week. (Where)
2. I’m watching a scary movie tomorrow evening. (What)
3. I’ve arranged to travel to K.S.A. next year.
4. Logy is interviewing Jana next Monday. (When)
5. No, I’m not visiting her tomorrow. (Are)
6. I’m the best.” Said Sara. (Sara said that)
7. Safaa said that she could read the secret message. “Safaa said,”……”)
8. Mona said, “We’re ready”. (Mona said that)
9. Emad and Amira said that they were hungry. (Emad and Amira said, “………”)
10.Eman said, “I’m busy.”
11.First, they had a shower, then they saw a fln. (When)
12.It’s a nice house, isn’t it? (They are)
13.My sister phoned her friends, then she wrote the letter. (After)
14.He loves playing chess, doesn’t he? (does he)
15.First, I visited Magdy, then I went to my cousin Wael. (When)

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