يمكن ان يستخدم الحروف الثلاثة في اللغه العربيه بمعنى واحد بمعناه في
 ولكن استخدام الحروف الثلاثة في اللغه الانجليزية مختلف تماما حسب الكلمات التي تأتي معها ثانوي 
نوافيكم بالشرح وبالتفصيل الاختلاف بين حروف الجر الثلاثة

Prepositions of time
in the morning •
I get up at 6 in the morning.

 in the afternoon 
We usually have lunch at 3:00 in the afternoon.

In the evening
 I watch TV in the evening

• in (the) summer
We usually go to the beach in summer.

 • in 1980 
Jack was born in 1980.

• in the 1900s 
Technology started to be essential in the 1900s.

• in the 17th century 
• in the Easter holiday
He studies literature in the 17th century.
I will travel to London in the Easter holiday.

 • in the next century 
Mobile phones will be developed in the next century.

• in the future 
we may travel to space easily in the future.

• in the 10 years time
Teachers will be teaching online in the 10 years time.

 • on Monday
 • on Saturday 
We have English lessons with Mr hany on Tuesday and Saturday.

• on June 3rd
 • on 1st October 2013
We have our summer holiday on June 3rd.
Sara was born on 14th February 2007.
 • on Tuesday evening
We often have a meeting on Tuesday evening.

 • on a warm day
I usually go swimming on warm days.

 • on Christmas day 
We always gather on Christmas Day.

• on my birthday 
I have a party on my birthday.

• at 9 am • at 8 o'clock
 • at 6 pm 
I go to school at 8 a.m.
I go to bed at 11 p.m.

• at night 
We go to bed at night.

• at noon/ midday 
We have a break at midday.

• at Easter
We visit our grandparents at Easter.

 • at Christmas
We celebrate outside at Christmas.

 • at dinner time 
• at dinner 
we always gather to have dinner at dinner time.
• at the moment 
I am studying English at the moment.

 • on time 
Mr Hany Mansy always comes on time.

• on a winter evening 
We make fire on a winter evening.

Prepositions of place
• in England 
• in Cairo 
My uncle lives in England.
I was born in Cairo.
• in a building 

 in a car 

On the table
I put my bag on the table.
 • on a bus 
I go to school on a bus.

• on a plane 
My father travelled to London on a plane.

• on a horse 
Farmer used to go to the field on a horse.

• on the phone
We talk to each other on the phone.
 • in a taxi 
Mr Hany goes to work in a taxi.

• in a boat 
Fishermen work in a boot.

• in a helicopter 
The pilot practises flying in a helicopter.

• in a traffic jam
I was stuck in a traffic jam yesterday.

 • in Time Square 
My uncle lives in time Square.

• in the article 
I found a lot of useful information in the article.

• on the Internet 
You can find what you need on the internet.

• on the television 
I watching a film on the television yesterday.
My uncle workers in the television
• on the floor
I found a lot of money on the floor.

 • on( the )page 
You will find your homework on page number 20.
• on the menu 
You can choose what you want to eat on the menu.
• on Oxford street 
My brother lives on Oxford Street.

• at 675 State Street
My brother lives at 675 State Street.

 • at the bus stop
We wait for the bus at the bus stop.

 • at the door
I take off my shoes at the door.

 • at the top of page
You should write the title of the article at the top of the page.

 • at someone's house 
My sister stayed at my grandparent's house lost holiday.

• at the entrance 
You will find the receptionist at the entrance of the hotel.

• at the crossroads 
You will find four roads at the crossroads.

• at the front 
I always sit at the front of the classroom.

• at the back
We put our things at the back of the car.
He usually sits at the back of the classroom.

 • at the bottom
You can find coral reef the bottom of the sea.

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